Theia PRO

Bridging the Gap to the Future

For a wearable accessory that stays on you for the entire day, the Theia PRO has been meticulously designed to be both practical and sensible, barely making you feel its existence – all the while being an integral part of everything you do. With a brand new design concept that lets you clip your Theia PRO to any glass or glares, there is no telling of the possibilities that lay ahead of you when you have the Theia PRO as your trusted every-day companion.

Your perfect Travel-Companion

The Theia PRO has been designed to not only replace your daily outdoor eye-wear but to make it an amazing recording device. Everything about it is just perfect, giving you a million reason to wear it on you where ever you go.

Meticulously Designed

For a product that stays on you the entire day, we made sure the design and the aesthetics were equally balanced to make a perfect product. Every cut, every groove has been perfected to the finest of levels so that hardly realize the presence of the Theia PRO even as you use it throughout the day.

Made Perfect

The Thea PRO has been designed with the smallest of details in mind, we take your drone experience to an all new level, letting you do things that you always wanted to. A folding design makes the Hawk 4K your best travel companion, so that no matter where you wander off, your drone is always there by your side. A hard-case carry bag tucks it away safely so that it survives the bumpiest of rides or the hardest of climbs – only to unfold and fly high with you. It all changes with the Hawk.

Looks Great, Works Amazing

A simple and elegant design to compliment any occasion under the sun

Be it a day at your office or a late night party you want to hop by before dropping home, the Theia PRO has been elegantly and stylishly designed to compliment you no matter the occasion. If you still want to make your Theia PRO stand out even more, screw it on to your favorite sun-glasses or your daily-wear prescription glasses and get moving like never before. Happy drawing attention!

Screw-On Temple Design

Convert your daily eye wear into a super-portable recording device

The Temple design of the Theia PRO is such that it can replace the left temple of your daily eye-wear, letting you use your prescription glasses or your sunglasses to act like your personalized recording device, capturing all that you do without  you even having to carry an additional recording device

Temple-Integrated Full HD Camera

Get rid of that additional recording device, the Theia PRO is here.

If you still carry a bulky camera, a smartphone snugged into a holder or a chunky camera strapped on to your shoulder or helmet for recording your daily life or your travel catalogs, the time has come to move on. With a Full HD Camera integrated into your Theia PRO’s temple, just press the recording the button and continue doing what you love doing, while your Theia PRO records everything for you without demanding your attention.

Dedicated One-Tap Buttons

With dedicated buttons for Camer, Video and Wi-Fi, convenience is right at your fingertips.

The Theia PRO has been designed such that you can control it by simply raising your finger to your Theia PRO’s temple and use any of the 2 buttons present, acting as shortcuts for your day-today activities. Press the Camera Button once to capture an image, long press to start recording a video and press the Wi-Fi button to stream the live feed of your Theia PRO onto your Theia PRO app on your smartphone. And it’s that simple!

Real-time Video Streaming

The Theia PRO creates its own hotspot, letting you stream everything that is being captured on the Theia PRO directly on your Smartphone or Tablet using the dedicated App.


Hands-Free Recording

Do More Than Ever Before

“Let your hands concentrate on doing what they are doing while you capture these moments using your Theia PRO”

Flaunt your Weekend VIctories

“Be it fishing or hiking, free your hands for those important things which deserve more of your your attention”

Record those Smiles, but Care for them too.

“Ever wondered which of these demands priority? Having a hand-held Camera or having your helping hands by the side of your Kids?”

Treasure Every Moment

Be There. Be Ready.

“Be it your child’s first wobbly steps or it’s first ever sandcastle, make sure you are ready to capture it with the push of a button”

Work Your Heart Out

“Record your training sessions and review them later at your convenience to see where you are going wrong and which areas need more perfecting”

Fun Minus the Hassles

“Enjoy every moment by being a part of it and capture your moments as and how you feel them personally with your Thiea PRO which captures your Point Of View”

User Manual

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